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October 7, 2010 at 5:56 am 1 comment

Well, 5:40 am.  That can only mean it has been another sleepless night.  I don’t know whether to consider it insomnia or a mind that is trying to process a million worries a minute.  Perfect opportunity to test out the new version of Writer (the tool that I use to write blog entries) that comes with Windows Live Essentials.

So it has been a little over a week since the Standing Sushi Bar at 8 Queen Street has been open. I am cautiously optimistic on how the business is developing.  The dinner crowd has been consistently good (except for this past Saturday, don’t know why) and our lunch has been growing daily.

The construction hoarding for the courtyard canopy at 8QSAM has finally been taken down, much to my relief. With the hoarding up we were basically invisible – it totally blocked our shop from being able to be seen from the street so someone would have to really look hard or already know we’re there. Not the best situation for a new restaurant in the neighborhood!

There have definitely been teething problems, a couple things I remember are the gas not being refilled properly which resulted in us not being able to cook for an afternoon and fiddling with a plug in the bar area that caused the circuit breaker to trip and all electricity shutting down for awhile. We also have a point-of-sale system that seems to control us rather than help us. That’s what I get for always choosing the high-tech options.

One of the biggest changes for me is what I do at the restaurant. At the original One Raffles Place outlet, I’m generally active there – waiting tables, washing dishes, or being the cashier. It’s small and casual so I can jump in and contribute easily. The new Queen Street location is bigger and our manager (Crystal) has created a great system for service and ordering. So I can’t just start helping out without disrupting what’s going on. It makes me antsy not being able to do anything, so I try to hover by the bar and pour beer from the tap when ordered. Can’t screw that up!

Standing Sushi Bar Panorama

An area that I’d like to focus on in the next week is the sake bar. We have over 30 types of sake, a bunch of shochu and varieties of umeshu, as well as the full range of Suntory whiskey.  But here’s what we don’t have that would actually make it easier for people to order any of these things… an alcohol menu!  It would be great to have various sake sets so people could taste the difference between a dry or sweet sake or any of the other characteristics.

On another note, I’ve been following the entries written by Bruce Buschel who also just opened his restaurant (Southfork Kitchen). He’s blogging his experience for The New York Times Small Business section.


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Standing Sushi Bar 8QSAM – Opening Sep 27 Standing Sushi Bar is hiring restaurant staff

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  • 1. Gastronommy  |  October 10, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    Glad to hear the hoarding is finally down, giving SSB its proper front space! Congrats again on the 2nd outlet opening.


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