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Finding out more about our Facebook page

Well, so far EpicWin has not been the cure all to procrastination that I was hoping for. Else the 8QSAM branch would be closer to opening instead of being a nearly-complete restaurant with no staff. Have I talked about how hard it is to find staff?

Anyway, a student and happy customer of Standing Sushi Bar, Frank, is conducting research for his course at RMIT.  He’s focusing on our usage of “social media” including our Facebook page, blog, and Twitter account.

Hopefully he gets some good insights to share with me. It will help me learn about what people are looking for when they participate in the different channels. What are people looking for when they “like” a Facebook page versus adding someone on Twitter versus reading the blog or visiting a website?

As part of his research, he needs to interview people who are fans of the Standing Sushi Bar page on Facebook. If you’re interested to participate, please contact him at or his mobile at +65 9771 7871.

Participants are entered into a lucky draw to win 1 of 3 sets of salmon belly sashimi. Raw fish for answers!


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Hi all, a RMIT student is doing a project on social media experiences and habits. Standing Sushi Bar is the focus of the study. If you have 3 minutes, please help by answering this survey. Thank you!

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EpicWin – death to procrastination?

As the list of tasks pile up and up, never have I felt so bad about being a procrastinator. “Ah, I’ll do it tomorrow,” “Umm… maybe if I just leave it alone it will resolve itself,” “Just send me an e-mail instead.”

Let’s just say this procrastination trait is not conducive to getting a restaurant open.

I’m playing with a new app called EpicWin. Kind of a cool concept… it’s a glorified task list that applies some role-playing game elements.

EpicWin Trailer

Since I’m a big fan of video games, I’m hoping this will manipulate my mind enough to turn the act of completing tasks into a fun-filled adventure.

To arms! To arms!

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Expansion to 8 Queen Street

Sorry to have such limited updates recently.  We have been short-staffed and that resulted in many hours spent working as a cashier at the restaurant.  When I’m not manning the till, I’ve been focused on the next project – Standing Sushi Bar is expanding!

Our new location is at 8 Queen Street, within the Singapore Art Museum (Contemporary Art Museum location).

In my head I am seeing advertisements and commercials for next-version of products: Bigger! Better! New and Improved!

In a way Standing Sushi Bar at 8QSAM will be all those things.  We have a much bigger space – 3 times the size of the One Raffles Place branch.  With so much space we’ll be able to accommodate all you folks that prefer sitting; there is a section for tables and chairs!  (Is it weird that I have to trumpet this as a restaurant? Smile).  We will also have the sushi bar, robatayaki counter, and a bar for drinks.

The list of things left to do is a mile long. Waiting on CPF registration, food license approval, staff to hire, dishes to arrive from Japan, creation of menu, marketing tie-ups, etc.  I remember a year ago setting up the original branch, well, with the bigger space and larger menu there seems to be an exponential increase in things to do.

I’m thrilled to be opening in the Bras Basah area.  I’ve lived in the neighborhood for over seven years, and it has always struck me as full of potential.  In the past six months the area has really taken off – Bras Basah MRT opened, the old Catholic High has been redeveloped for retail outlets, Food for Thought moved into 8QSAM, and even dblO migrated to Queen Street!  I think the combination of being in the city core while being low-key is great.

I’m looking forward to the new opportunities. Standing Sushi Bar in Raffles Place is a totally different experience than Standing Sushi Bar at 8QSAM – for both me and the customer.  The former is in the fast-paced business district; where diners want to eat fast, eat well, and go.  The latter is a destination restaurant, for people to come to unwind, relax, and relish.

I don’t have an opening date yet but I’m aiming for mid to late August.  There are many ideas bouncing around in my head and I’d love to hear more from the community – happy hour thoughts, opening promotions, how to get the word out about the new location, etc.  Specific blog entries on these coming up soon!

For now it’s back to my dad’s birthday party here in Florida.  No sushi in sight but a whole lot of barbecue waiting to be eaten!  (Including a complete roast pig).

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Standing Sushi Bar

Join us at our branches in Singapore's fast-paced Raffles Place business district or unwind in our flagship branch located in the Bras Basah Arts & Historic neighborhood. High-quality, healthy, affordable dining. Open at Marina Bay Link Mall and 8 Queen Street!


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