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It takes all kinds

Customers come in all shapes, sizes, and mental states.  Tonight there was a lady that, for lack of a better term, was very eccentric.

She was an older woman, late 40s or early 50s, and she was dining alone. Already something seemed different… she asked for ikura don (rarely is that ordered) and 3 separate orders of ice cream.  For one person!  But hey, maybe she just really likes ice cream (and our yuzu umeshu is yummy).

She came to the register to pay her bill.  I was manning the counter.

Me: “If you have a UOB or StanChart card there is a discount.  How was the food?”

Lady (in staccato, scripted English): “Since you asked me I have to tell you, I am a mystery shopper sent by Lee Hsien Loong (note: this is the prime minister of Singapore).  I am the #1 mystery shopper.”

I thought to myself, “Okay, this is going to be interesting. I wonder what feedback she has.”

Lady: “I hope the owner does some changes…”

Me: “Ah! I’m the owner.”

Lady: “I know you are the owner. I also know you work at Microsoft. I have been sent here by Lee Hsien Loong and <she says the name of a former Microsoft Singapore general manager> to tell you that you are being watched.  You are lazy.  At Microsoft there is CCTV and I know you are not at your desk at 9 am every day.  How can you be like that?  You are a foreigner who comes to Singapore and abuses the country.  We can not have that.  If you were a cleaner at Changi Terminal 1 there would not have been Changi Terminal 3.”

Me: “Umm… I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Lady: “I have come to (looks at the namecard) Standing Sushi Bar to tell you I am the #1 mystery shopper.  Your (looks at namecard again) Standing Sushi Bar is not of international standard.  You must work harder.  Did you know that <Microsoft GM name> could have moved away but she stayed here. That is her circumstance. Take me for example, I am single, that is what happened.”

Me: “I really don’t understand what you are talking about.”

Lady: “Because you asked how the food was I am required to tell you that it is not to international standard. It is better in Japan. You may want to hire a Japanese chef instead of using these training cooks.”

Sidenote – we don’t have training cooks at the current branch, though I think it’s important we bring some in, especially as we expand.

Lady: “I am surprised you do not understand English.  Lee Hsien Loong is going to call you.”

Me: “Umm…”

Then she left.

I noticed she ate every bit of her food.


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