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A saying

Owning a sushi bar isn’t all fun and games.

For those difficult spots, words of encouragement are useful.

One of my best friends sent me this hilarious (yet still uplifting) message:

When obstacles arise remember the ancient sushi proverb, When the salmon swims upstream, only because he uses the rocks he passes, as markers, can he tell how far long the river he has gone.


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Too much sitting is bad

Frequently customers come by the restaurant during lunch and even though the restaurant is full of people standing (no chairs until after 2:30 pm), they’ll ask whether they can get a seat. Our standard response is that we place the chairs out after 2:30 pm as during the Raffles Place lunch rush, in order to accommodate as many people as we can, we don’t have chairs.  (Let’s ignore the fact that the name of the restaurant is Standing Sushi Bar).  Some of these customers will try standing and eating, other folks will look aghast that we have no chairs and then storm out in a huff… to go stand and wait in line at another restaurant so they can get a seat.

Personally I find standing and eating to be comfortable. I think that’s one of the reasons why I was enamored with the standing sushi bars that I ate at in Japan. Couple that with handmade sushi, a variety of fresh fish, and the casual ambience of a neighborhood sushi bar and I think one gets a reflection of what SSB is here in Singapore as well.  I also feel that in Raffles Place, the office crowd are spending their morning and afternoon… basically their whole day… sitting at a desk. Don’t folks get restless? Don’t they want to stretch?

Yesterday I read an article about how too much sitting is bad.

The health benefits of pulse-quickening physical activity are beyond dispute – it helps ward off cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, among other problems.

But recent scientific findings also suggest that prolonged bouts of immobility while resting on one’s rear end may be independently linked to these same conditions.

Just for kicks I decided to enlarge the article and place it at the front of the restaurant.  Perhaps it will help the folks who are averse to standing and eating to think twice about their health!

Too much sitting is bad

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The one and only California donburi

California donburi

The California Roll… one of the most popular and delicious types of maki sushi. It’s not a traditional sushi roll as it was invented in the US, but its appeal is worldwide. My friend (and regular SSB diner) Brandon contacted me today and gave some menu recommendations based on his recent trip to Japan.

One of the dishes he enjoyed was the California donburi.  It seems like such a simple idea that I’m surprised every restaurant isn’t offering this!  It’s the California roll but expanded into donburi… crabstick, cucumber, avocado, tamago (egg), and ebiko (shrimp egg) draped on a bed of sushi rice with light yuzu sauce drizzled on top.

So I went to Roy with this California donburi suggestion. He thought for awhile and was skeptical, “Why would someone want a California donburi?”  I didn’t have much in response other than, “Who wouldn’t want one? People like the california roll after all!”  After some back and forth we decided he might as well just make one so we could test it.

Verdict: Awesome.

I believe we’re the first restaurant in Singapore to offer California Donburi. We’ll test it out to see how people like it, so it’s only available for a limited time. California donburi and miso soup combo for 12.80. Get your avocado fix today!

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Healthy sushi start

It’s a new year and that means millions of people around the world have vowed that they will begin eating healthier.  Goodbye greasy Kentucky Fried Chicken, hello raw, natural fish!

Standing Sushi Bar sushi set

Excerpt from the “Nutrition” section of the Wikipedia article on sushi:

“The main ingredients of traditional Japanese sushi, raw fish and rice, are naturally low in fat, high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals…

Most seafood is naturally low in fat; and what fat is found in it is generally rich in unsaturated Omega-3 fat. Since sushi is often served raw, no cooking fat is introduced during its preparation…

Fish, tofu, seafood, egg, and many other sushi fillings contain high levels of protein…

Vitamins and minerals are found in much of the seafood and vegetables used for sushi… The gari and nori used to make sushi are both rich in nutrients. Other vegetables wrapped within the sushi also offer various vitamins and minerals.”

Interested in how many calories are in each piece of sushi?  SushiFAQ has information on that.  Make sure you click on the “Sushi items” and “Sashimi items” tabs rather than only the roll information.

Some stats:

  • Tako (octopus) has the most protein per ounce (8.5g per oz)
  • Monkfish liver has the highest fat per ounce (5g).  Unsurprising since monkfish liver has similar taste and texture to foie gras (which has 14g of fat per oz). Note that the fat in these fish are typically the healthy Omega-3 kind.
  • Yellowtail & Tuna both have 6.6g of protein per ounce and only 1.5g of fat.
  • Lowest calorie pieces are ikura (salmon roe) and mirugai (geoduck)

Of course we have all the above at Standing Sushi Bar.  Get the new year off to a healthy start and eat some sushi!

Are you standing yet?

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Standing Sushi Bar

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