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The owners of Donut Empire dropped by the restaurant yesterday and gave us a box full of assorted donuts.  I was chatting with them, asking about how they started up and how their business was doing.  They certainly are an empire – with outlets in Singapore and Malaysia and soon in Indonesia, Dubai, and further afield.  Amazing to think about how quickly they’ve grown after only starting in 2009.

(With Steven and Joy from Donut Empire)

Quite nice of them – they had read on this blog (I think – or maybe it was on Twitter?) that I liked the smell of the donuts that drift into the sushi bar.  While one might not think the two go together, after eating some healthy sushi, an indulgence in sinful foods is called for!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about our neighbors at the B1 level of OUB Centre.  There has been a lot of churn lately.  A yakitori place moved out, Boost Juice shifted to the yakitori place’s location, Famous Amos moved upstairs, a new food shop (I hear it’s a salad joint) is under construction… and Sakae is still the big kid on the block.

It’s nice to be down there in OUB Centre.  I suppose like any other workplace as people are in close proximity, they get to know each other.  Since we’re the last shop open each night, everyone else walks by on their way out.  I’m not there all the time so not as many folks know me, but Roy, Coral, Kawa-san, and the others are all quite friendly with the neighboring people.

It’s funny; we’re all competing for a piece of the same pie. As easily as a customer could come to Standing Sushi Bar, they could go to Freddie’s Burger.  Or the food court.  Anywhere!  But nicely, instead of feeling like a competitive place, it feels more like a community.  I like that.


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A birthday meal

(Written on Saturday)

This is going to sound self-indulgent and promotional but it’s my birthday and I shall do what I want!

Typically I try to avoid eating in the restaurant. I feel it’s strange if I’m wearing our sushi bar t-shirt, eating the food, and not paying for it.  The ‘business’-guy in me thinks about how if I eat it, well, I’m losing money since it’s less sushi for me to sell.  I usually end up eating the leftover take-away after we have closed.

Anyway, I was at the restaurant in the afternoon, and it had been a somewhat stressful day.  I decided, “Hey! It’s my birthday, and I want to eat my own sushi freshly made.”  So I did.

I asked for the hotate (scallop) aburi with mentai sauce that people have been raving about, anago, ika, kanpachi (we only have this sporadically – hard to get!), salmon belly, salmon aburi with yuzu mayo, and mentaiko.

I stood, I ate.  It was a feast.

And I’m going to declare it: It was good.  Seriously good. As in some of the best sushi I have ever had.  The kanpachi (wild yellowtail) was ‘crunchy’ – it’s like you could feel the strength it has from swimming free rather than being farmed. Anago had a cleaner and lighter taste than unagi (saltwater eel versus freshwater eel), and the sauces Roy used for the aburi sushi were awesome.

I’ve kept on top of reviews and comments about the restaurant. I’m happy that people are saying lots of positive things.  Now that I’ve tried it out myself, I’m really pleased with how things have turned out.

Can we do things better?  Of course we can.  I think we nailed the core concept though.  High-quality sushi, easygoing place.

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Friday I’m in love

Since I’m listening to the Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love,” it seems like a good time to post about our upcoming event.  It will be the first time we’re holding a “special event” at the sushi bar.

HisFoodBlog is bringing Singles Night to Standing Sushi Bar!

Singles Night - Oct 24 

More details…

If you’d like to attend, please send your RSVP to

Raw food stirs the senses.

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