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June 20, 2009 at 7:11 pm Leave a comment

Paperwork and administrative tasks chip away at the joy of running a business.

Who knew printers could cause such distress?  Working for a tech company, I’ve become accustomed to doing everything electronically – e-mail communications, Word documents edited on the PC, pictures shared over the internet, etc.

Dipping my toes into the world of F&B, contractors, shopping mall landlords, etc. I realize how paper-based the world still is.

Newsflash for me – people still use fax machines.

I was screaming at my printer this morning.  An old Epson Stylus Photo RX510. I rarely use it; maybe once every 6 months?  It takes 6 ink cartridges – black ink, cyan, and a smattering of other colors.  All I wanted to do was print the draft layout for my shop. In black. Who needs color? I stuck in a black ink cartridge and the printer refused to print.  It requires all the color cartridges to be available even if one wants to print in gray-scale.


After trying every possible option, I threw in the towel and headed to Sim Lim Square to buy color ink.  90 Singapore dollars. COME ON!!! For a few dollars more I can get a new printer.

Those printer companies sure do have a profitable business model.

I can’t wait for when we are a paperless society (aside from books and letters from friends).

Second gripe… trying to update the company shareholder information so that it indicates how many shares each partner has.

“Return of Allotment of Shares” – why must they stick the word ‘return’ in front of ‘allotment of shares?’  Wouldn’t it be easier to just call it “Allotment of Shares"?”


I shall save my complaint regarding Singapore companies being required to have a minimum of 75% local employees for another time.

Happy Saturday night!  The world will look better through my soon-to-be sake-tinted vision.


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