Japan Delegation

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There are a few topics “in progress” I have been working on; hopefully will put them up next week as it would be great to get input from the greater world of the internet.

For the next few days my apartment is going to be taken over by 4 guys from Japan.  One is a sushi chef contemplating moving here to Singapore and 2 of the others are interested to invest and be partners in this Standing Sushi Bar. (The 4th is someone I haven’t met before who is coming along for fun).

Nobu KawaKoki

I have ordered 4 kg of salmon and tuna to test out the quality of the fish supplier as well as gauge our sushi chef’s ability to slice, dice, and serve.  One of the first things I’d like to achieve is establishing confidence with our primary fish supplier.  Top priority of this sushi bar is that we will serve high-quality excellent fish.  (And yes, high-quality sushi – so that includes the seaweed, rice, wasabi, and other ingredients).  But it all starts with the fish.

Goals for this trip:

  • Solidify menu concept
  • Ascertain quality of fish / skill of sushi chef (he has 7 years experience of running a sushi bar… what does that translate to in taste!)
  • Determine partnership / investment conditions
  • Drink sake / eat good food
  • Tour around Singapore (so the chef can determine if he will like it here)
  • Check out restaurant supply stores / compare with what we saw in Japan
  • See the “Japanese” side of Singapore
  • Did I mention the drink sake part already?

I’ve known Nobu for 6 years and he’s one of my best friends.  I met Koki about 4 years ago when he visited Singapore and Nobu asked me to show him around.  Kawa-san used to work in Vancouver where Nobu and Koki lived for awhile.  They frequently ate at Kawa-san’s sushi bar and became friends… all staying in touch after they moved to Japan.

And tonight they’ll be arriving in Singapore.  Grow, Standing Sushi bar team, grow!

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